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    I wanted to write this for a while, but felt I wanted to give it time for a little bit before I actually announced. Novilar, a site originally created by two members (one of whom is a member here, has been in development for a few years. It went on a hiatus for about a year last year. The previous owners decided that it was time to sell it. I was lucky enough to have the ability to purchase it. So yes, I am now the owner of Novilar. My first goal was to revitalize it, as it had fallen on hard times with a server move that broke its image generation, and several rather large bugs that had broken it's functionality. It has been a fun ride and the game now improves daily. The reason I am writing this is to let this community know that I am now the owner, that the game is actually back to being relatively playable, and seeing regular updates. I will probably be posting more regular updates here as well as time goes on. https://www.novilar.com
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    It's BeastKeeper.com without the s, and it's been out of beta for a long time so maybe it should go on the other list? There's an upcoming game called BeastEon by the same developers. Not sure if you'd like to include it but the dev blog is here: http://beasteon.tumblr.com/
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    It's designed specifically for pet games and generic frameworks are not. The list of features is below: Easy Installer Upload the files and you’ll be walked through the installation process Includes 5 pets, 9 items and default game configuration data to get you started Documentation Fully documented code base PDF help file Section for owners Section for developers Protocol Support Http or Https Optimization Follows PSR standards Stash filesystem caching to reduce database load PHPDocumentor code comments PHPUnit tests Full code coverage Mod-rewrites for easy to remember URLs Dynamically loaded javascript files Dynamically loaded css stylesheets Layouts HTML5 Bootstrap 3.5 Fully responsive for websites, tablets and phones Customizable style sheets Customizable meta data Customizable player and pet pages Customizable icons customizable icon animations 3 page arrangements TinyMCE WYSIWYG editors Font Awesome icons 50 color themes Multi-Language Support Languages files included English Spanish Italian German French Danish Swedish Russian Romanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Set a default game language Allow players to switch the game language if multiple are enabled 71 languages officially supported PayPal Payments Integration Manual payments IPN Automated payments Payment reports and transaction log Permissions System Administrators – full game customization and moderation functionality Staff – limited game customization and moderation functionality Moderators – only moderation functionality Players – a user with no additional permissions Customizable to add additional permission groups Extensive Admin Panel Manage the game, pets and players without any programming knowledge Custom Emails Join/lost password email Mass emails players General Gameplay Generate alpha accounts Open/close joining the game Open/close the entire game Daily/hourly cron jobs Toggle entire game functionality Genetics Dynamic Images (only if GD support enabled) Clubs Player Shows Players Toggle multiple accounts Username Player name Avatar Referral system Encrypted passwords Player editable page Upgrades Inventory Shops Pets Custom breeds Custom colors Custom traits strength, speed, etc Custom attributes health, energy, etc Custom genetics Dynamic images (only if GD support enabled) Items Equippable Consumable Breeding Customizable % of traits passed down to offspring Single offspring or litters Offspring List Pedigree Competitions Training Sales/Auction Shelter Rescue Abandon Upgrades Enter special competitions Access to upgraded forums Custom avatar image Access to player journal Higher allowance Higher bank interest Monthly special item Licenses Limit the number of pets a player can own Search Pets Players Items Competitions Mail In game messages Friends List Quick access to the player’s friends Blocked List Allows player to block other users from messaging them or responding to their posts Bank Allowance Interest Savings Transaction log Clubs Elections for president and vice president Customizable page Can create shows Pets/players can join Hall of Fame Players Pets Message boards Categories Topics Sticky posts Bump posts Recent posts Active topics Newspaper Comments Up vote/down vote Polls PHP Chat Room Mini Games Hangman Tic-Tac-Toe Guess the Number Pong Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock
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