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  2. More icons? FurAffinity - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31297155/ Weasyl - https://www.weasyl.com/~jakdacrowe/submissions/1770082/com-april-icon-compilation
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  4. Howdy. Again! As things begin to gear up behind the scenes I can always use for some artwork. So about about it, Freelancers? Want to PM me a category below and some quotes? I pay with Paypal and will pay when I see your sketches. Then finish and send me the PSDs. Current Status: Open for Business Last Updated: May 23rd 2019 I'm going to just update this thread every-so-often with my needs instead of creating multiple threads. Categories I'm Looking For: Gifts Toys Books Seasonal Electronics Games (Electronic and Video Game) Ice Cream Items Themed Rainbow Items Themed Star/Space Items Themed Watermelon Items Themed Summer Items (like, for a trip to the beach or a Picnic?) Burger Place Mexican Food Salad/Wrap/Smoothie Place Shoot me a PM. Let's make a deal.
  5. Bring this to the top again, and just a reminder im just looking for freelance work, im not interested in a permanent position thank you! also i have a couple of premade pieces here
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  7. Howdy. I'm fiddling away on my little learning project and have reached the point where I can commission some more art. Mainly for the map. I'll need six different map areas: Main Entrance - It's going to be like a Splash Page 4 Wings (Four Separate Maps) - Some concepts are below for this one. There are going to be six storefronts in each wing (24 stores total) Central Food Court - There are going to be six storefronts in the Food Court Here's a feel for what I am looking for - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PLkuSLSEvaJxg5UwGlJOqL_mLkbDQEYB/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/14PuUKkCJOT7nUpEShVE3icGElKF_AiCy/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bUubyzpjH8OUpSgZIfqfE3yHDKDHwL9G/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xHo2fe6cfNjYWeRkJuGuBIP94TYFnIAV/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ou5MQzPolz30Y_kIsdg0uFbX6f94EMXV/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kr9YDlOzLwj2AWaLQAYgsRSzHteKN5jQ/view?usp=sharing Alternative Perspective - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t9j8s9Vo3UkEgTGm8hFzRYd9OgoUNDQQ/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TlqRp8buNnPKeSyymYAnfTQVDycJEuEH/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cD9wFSm-rHcSFOUaep7Ev-sD5pdHcJv_/view?usp=sharing These areas are going to be editable PSDs since the look and makeup of the maps is going to change seasonally. So the storefronts should be empty for now. If you do a great job, I'll pay extra for you to design the storefronts. I already have money budgeted for this and will pay by Paypal. PM Me with a quote and your portfolio. Thanks. Edit: Found an Artist. I think I'll let them do the entire set if they're up for it, so I'm going to close this one.
  8. Hi guys! I'm looking to hire a secondary programmer to work alongside my current programmer on different features. The game is a realistically based dog and horse simulation game with genetics, breeding, showing and the rest. Will be paid but would really prefer someone reasonably priced as it is coming out of my own pocket at this stage. As my time zone is different to most, must be happy to chat over some sort of IM and paid by Paypal. Prefer to pay by unit than an hourly rate if possible! The game is based on the Pet Game Framework, so best for someone with some experience in working with frameworks. Please email me on admin@caniquus.com with your experience/sites you've worked on, availability, pricing schedule.
  9. hello! would you be open to a trade perhaps?
  10. solGoals is now up and running properly. All previous goals collected are still intact. Loki has also added some wonderful new images to spruce up the area a bit. We have also added 2 new categories including your account age and how many page views you make. If you guys would like more opportunities to earn solGoals please be sure to let us know your suggestions! Submit them in the suggestions forums or in the support section.
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  12. The money tree is where you can donate or take from the money tree. It can be found in Shine City on the West side. Thanks Silcoon for the new Money Tree. We also have a new solHelp section. Click here to check it out.
  13. -Closing this down-
  14. For left book: The Creature Kaleb clutched his stomach as he watched the churning waves. “Hey.” Kaleb spun around at the voice of his girlfriend, Scarlet, she twirled a sword on her palm. She raised her eyebrows. “If you’re seasick, why are you out here?” she asked. “It doesn’t help being inside. At least here my vomit will go straight into the ocean.” “And,” he added, “It reminds me of my churning stomach.” Scarlet cracked a smile. “And why would you want to be reminded of that?” “I needed an analogy.. and.. “ his voice trailed off. “And what?” Scarlet asked. “Did you see that?” “See what?” Kaleb’s face took on a terrified expression. “The Creature..” he breathed. Scarlet frowned. “The what?” “I thought it was just a myth..” Scarlet scowled at Kaleb. “You’re not actually telling me you saw it.” Kaleb fell back suddenly, he immediately got up and looked at her with an almost haunted expression. “I.. I saw it!” he moaned. “So many teeth, its eyes glowed like gleaming ruby’s.” Scarlet grabbed his arm. “You should come inside. You’re seeing things.” Kaleb jerked away from her. “I saw it!” he yelled. “It’s the most terrifying thing you’ll ever see.” That was when they both saw it. No, them. “There’s two of them,” Scarlet whispered, horrified. Kaleb drew his sword, and Scarlet held her’s with a ready expression. Suddenly a tentacle shot up from the sea and wrapped around Scarlet, she was so startled she dropped her sword. “SCARLET!” Kaleb screamed. He brought his sword down on the tentacle but it merely bounced off, the tentacle was harder than stone. The creature jerked her off the deck. Without hesitation Kaleb dove into the water. The captain never found out what happened to his two passengers. These papers washed up on sea, along with some teeth from some strange creature.
  15. For middle book: The Spring Fair Rea was shaking with excitement, today was the opening of the Spring Fair It would be her first time at the Spring Fair, and she just could not wait, “Come on! Mom!” she begged, as her mother, Violet fixed the bow on Rea’s braid. Violet let out a gentle laugh. “Hang on Re, the fair will stay for a while yet.” “But I want to see the unicorns and ride them and the carousel!” She gave a little gasp, “Are there going to be dragons? Please tell me there will be!” Rea could see the lights from the lanterns, and hear the happy laughs. Violet smiled at her daughter and took her hand. “I believe so,” she said. They walked towards the fairground, Rea squealed in excitement as she caught site of the unicorns grazing in a field. “What do you want to do first?” “Carousel!’ Rea said excitedly. Violet smiled at her daughter, and together they walked over to the carousel, cheerful music was played by a young girl, a small dragon lay at her feet. A man in a suit walked up to the duo and Violet gave him two bronze coins. Rea and her mother had a wonderful time at the fair and made many wonderful memories.
  16. For the right book! To Steal A Dragon’s Treasure Anthony watched as a dragon flew across the blue sky, he walked over to an amber-haired Fae who was visiting. “Hey Mari?” he asked. Mari looked up from her diary, “Yes?” “Do dragons here have.. Treasure?” Mari tilted her head, “Of course. Shouldn’t you know that from the legends from your Earth?” An evil thought came upon Anthony and he shrugged. “I was just making sure.” Anthony gathered his closest friends, one of them, Timothy looked slightly uneasy. “Are you sure about this?” he questioned. Anthony scoffed, “How else are we going to get money? The Dragon’s have so much treasure they probably won’t even know some of its missing.” “How are we going to explain where we got the treasure?” Anthony and the others rolled their eyes. “Tim, if you don’t want to come, you don’t have to.” one of them sighed. Timothy shrugged, “Just saying.” The boys hiked up into the mountains, Anthony in the lead, his cloak fluttering behind him. “This dragon, Obsidian, would be out hunting right about now,” Anthony stated as they reached a cave. They gasped as they stepped in, only a few feet away treasures more beautiful and stunning then they’d ever imagined. Strange and familiar gemstones littered the area. Their expressions were full of greed as they stuffed gemstones into their satchels and packs, before stumbling down the mountain path, still in awe of the treasures they held. A week later, a coal-black dragon flew to Erabarrow, smoke billowing from its nostrils. “Somebody has stolen some of my treasure!” he roared. It was lucky for Anthony and his friends they had not been in Erabarrow, as they were visiting Imagine Nation. Mari’s wings fluttered as she flew up to the dragon. “What do you mean?” she asked. “What do you mean what do I mean? I returned from hunting the other day only to find some of my treasure missing. I smelled human.” “Can you smell them out?” Mari asked, gesturing to the crowd of humans, watching with wide eyes. The dragon lifted his snout and took a deep smell. “I cannot.” he admitted. “Maybe it was some sort of scavenger.” Mari said calmly. “These humans are scavengers.” the dragon snorted. “Nevertheless, it is possible one of the gems the humans have generously given you still carry their scent.” “But it was new!” he objected. “You cannot punish the humans for something you are not sure they did.” The dragon snorted, and flew away. Later, Anthony and his friends returned. Mari glared at Anthony. “That was an extremely foolish thing to do.” Anthony smirked. “Are you going to tell him? It may have been foolish, but I’m rich now.”
  17. Anon Book - in the middle Title- An Explanation of Changelings There are two types of Changelings -okay, maybe three. The third being a shapeshifter in a game about dragons living in dungeons or something like that. Anyway… There are two types of Changelings. By definition a Changeling is a human, usually a child, that is swapped with a fairy to live with the human parents, sometimes without the parents ever knowing. Either the fairies will make the exchange when the human is sleeping, or just lure them away to the door to their homeland. You might be wondering why. Well, it can be for many reasons. Sometimes it can be purely out of spite. You also might be wondering: Isn’t that kidnapping? It depends on who you ask. Most would say yes. Many of the fairies from Fairyland -very beautiful place, by the way- will do it out of spite just because they’re mad at the human’s friend or because the human happens to be related to someone who once successfully made fairy ointment. Fairies can be very vain, vengeful creatures that will hold grudges for human generations. But not the fairies of Fanterra. The fairies of Fanterra instead help human families if their young child is very sick. They offer to help the child in return for the favor of the parents teaching a young fairy about human culture. Fanterra families do sometimes bring older humans to Fanterra, too, but only in times of disasters. The human can choose go return home once it’s over. Some decide to stay. The reason why Fanterra fairies help humans is because so many years ago a young fairy got separated from her family. Lost and injured, she wandered into a human settlement where a kind human family adopted her and helped her reunite with her family. Since then the fairies have helped humans who are hurt or lost, repaying the kindness of that family. Fanterra’s fairies are very kind and will often help humans. For this I am personally very grateful.
  18. More anons! LEFT BOOK ENTRY Title: How to tame a dragon, a true-told story by One-Eyed Larry Author: One-Eyed Larry Genre: Non-Fiction(-ish), exaggerated autobiography Dragons are fierce and fearsome beasts. Huge wings like hurricanes, claws like spears, you’ve heard it all before. Y’see me lad, dragons are truly misunderstood creatures, they are. They are beings, with emotions and feelings, with souls. Much like us, they can feel fear, anger, pain and love. The key to taming a dragon is to earn their trust. So, let me tell you a story, of how I lost both me arms and part o’ me eye, and instead gained a lifelong friend. There I were, wing high in me sails, traveling across the endless seas, when I heard a cry on the wind that chilled my blood frozen solid. The cry of a dragon. E’ry honest sailor’s worst fear. I was certain my life was forfeit. Having just struck the best bargain o’ me life, me hull was full to bursting, and I was sure the dragon was coming for me hoard. I grabbed me sword and braced meself for the oncoming attack. But it ne’er came. Instead I saw this huge, mighty beast fall from the sky and hit the water with a huge splash. I ran to look over the side o’ me ship, to make sure me eyes (I still had both o’ them at this time) weren’t tricking me. Lo and behold, a mighty beast, felled. At first I was relieved, but when I caught a glimpse of the beast’s bright golden eye, I saw twas full o’ fear and pain. I wanted to turn me ship around and sail as far away as I could, but I couldn’t. I had to save the dragon. I dove right into the water, with some rope around me waist. I bound the dragon to me ship and sailed to the closest island. There I pulled the beast on land with me own two arms - I also still had both o’ these at this time, but not for much longer. I had hardly removed the rope for the dragon, when a larger, fiercer beast appeared in the sky. Twas clear it was coming for poor, wounded beast. So I did what any honest sailor would do; I grabbed me sword and fought a mighty battle. It bit, and slashed and breathed flame at me, but I held me ground. I poked, and slashed and yelled back at it. And so we fought. In the end I managed to fell the big beast, but not until it had devoured both me arms and ripped me eye right out of me socket with its mighty claws. Twas a small price to pay, as my wee dragon was safe once more. While it regained its strength, I buried my treasure on the island, hidden someplace deep in the forest. When it was time to part, the wee dragon promised to protect me treasure. And I vowed to come back with more treasure whenever I could. MIDDLE BOOK ENTRY Title: A day at the carrousel Author: Unknown author Genre: Children’s story, Poetry We are going out today A day in the park, as mom would say The bright sunshine to light our way Let’s go now, it’s time to play The carrousel, colourful and bright We want to go for another ride The horses whinny as they stride The wind in our hair as we forward glide Round and round the horses go Kids squealing with joy on every row The music stops; it’s the end of the show Let’s go back here again tomorrow RIGHT BOOK ENTRY Title: How to create your own Prosperity Author: Duna “the Wealthy” Genre: Non-Fiction, Business, DIY Prosperity. We all wish for it, especially here in Iriverse. But what is prosperity, and how does one achieve it? Not to sound too full of myself, but I will have to admit that I have been fairly successful at creating prosperity for myself. Now I am not a selfish dragon, very a-typical, one might think, so I am writing this self-help book to help you prosper, so that we might enjoy our prosperity together. So, where do you start? Rather than earning more treasures, as one might think, it actually starts with your spending habits. Do not spend a single penny. None of it. Hoard it all. This is probably the most difficult part, but once you have a knack for it, you’ll see your hoard grow every day, never once shrink. The easiest way to achieve this subliminal skill, is to avoid any temptation. Do not let it cross your path. And whenever temptation does end up finding its way to your doorstep, think to yourself ‘Do I really want this shiny new object? Even at the expense of my great hoard?’ The answer is ‘no’, ofcourse. You want your hoard to grow. And so you will be able to decline any offers made, no matter how tempting. The second step to achieve prosperity is to earn more. No matter how small or invaluable something might seem, everything has a value. And all these tiny steps will add up in the end. You will achieve greatness. It will take some blood, sweat and tears, figuratively speaking of course, but every bit of effort you put in will pay off. There are different methods to earn more value more quickly. Niche markets, unique services, great skill, or even just untapped potentials in the existing market. Keep an eye out for any venture that might proof lucrative, and soon, you’ll be as rich as I am. So remember: 1. spend nothing, 2. hoard everything, and 3. exploit the untapped potentials of the market. This is how you'll become as rich as I am, my friend Now that I have shared with you my secret to success, of course I do expect a little something in return. If I’ve said it before, I’ve said it a million times; I might be somewhat unconventional for a dragon. So no, I do not require any payment in gold or treasures. If you manage to achieve a bit of prosperity for yourself, all I ask you is to remember: in Iriverse, we all hope to achieve prosperity one day, together. Please share your spoils and riches, share your knowledge. Perhaps buy this useful self-help book as a gift for a friend or family, and help them on their way to greatness. LEFT BOOK ENTRY The Tale of Miss. Taeri Fiction In the days of olde, there lived an adventurous young dragon under the name of Taeri. Taeri was of the most peculiar sort of dragon; for she was infatuated with humans. Their food, their games, but most importantly--their fires. Of course, Taeri had never actually talked to a human. She was a dragon, after all, and humans did not take well to the sight of dragons. Instead, she watched from afar, traveling to different villages, grasping onto the bits of knowledge that she could get. However, on one particularly lonely night, her curiosity overcame her. Taeri had flown down to a village to investigate the fires that had bewildered her so. Just as Taeri had begun prodding the still-burning pile of sticks in the middle of the human village, she heard a noise behind her. She turned slowly, expecting an angry human with a spear pointed at her heart. Instead, she came snout-to-nose with a small girl, eyes filled with wonder and a book in hand. “Excuse me, are you a dragon?” The girl asked, unabashedly. Taeri huffed a plume of smoke in relief and nodded her head. The girl’s face lit up in excitement, and she began spitting out words at such a pace that gave Taeri concern for her small lungs. “I can’t believe this! I have been reading all about dragons, all kinds of amazing things, terrible things, terribly amazing things! Well, you don’t seem very terrible, do you? The book said--” The girl babbled on, waving the book in her hand around. A simple drawing of a dragon spitting fire at a human city graced the cover, snapping Taeri out of her amusement. As she stepped backwards to make her escape, she stumbled, catching her wing on a spear that had been sticking out of the dirt nearby the fire. The dragon watched in horror as the sharp point ripped a tear in the webbing in her wings. She would never be able to fly again. Taeri took of running, the girl chasing after her. The pair reached a clearing in a nearby forest and stopped. Taeri sat to inspect her injured wing, slowly breathing out a puff of smoke as she calmed down, when a soft voice came from behind her. “Your wing. I-I’m sorry, this is all my fault, I shouldn’t have... My father was a researcher and after he and mother d-died I wanted to… to continue his research on d-dragons.. ” she hiccuped, tears flowing down her face. The dragon folded her good wing over the back of the human and drew her near. The child sobbed into the dragons side, quieting down as the night grew darker. Eventually, the two fell asleep in a bundle of tears and wings. It is said in stories that the two beings, flightless dragon and orphaned child, grew to become the best pair of adventurers Fanterra had ever seen, and even better friends. Together, they set to explore the world that had been waiting for them.
  19. We will be celebrating Mother's Day from May 10th to May 20th. Items are sold in the holiday shop. Thank you Loki for the flowers.
  20. Always looking for people to view and give feedback on their Mobile Experience while using (www.marasites.com/?name=MarapetsMobile) for Mobile Gameplay of Marapets. Also looking for constant feedback regarding links or incorrect information users may find over time as Ian changes the site. If you think you can help, please contact me in game. Sincerely, _Spike_ MarapetsMobile MarapetsDailyLinks
  21. Ah, I never do anything like that, no. I usually just look at what's trending when I go to Twitter. The only browser game I remember trending in recently was Club Penguin which met its maker last year. And I only have a Twitter Account in the first place because I did #NeoCreationWeek. I almost never see games in general trending on Twitter, let alone browser games/sims. Edit: When it comes to looking for new games which I mainly do for the internal audit project I started and should probably finish now that a year has passed, I looked two places: 1. Here 2. The list of Browser Games on Wikipedia I was able to find that there are a surprising number of active browser games just by doing that alone. First audit turned up about 50. If I dug a little deeper I think I can find over 100 active games.
  22. Oh, I know what hashtags are lol. (I should've mentioned, sorry. I've been on twitter, I've just never posted anything) I was wondering if it was like tumblr, where ppl use tags like #vps, or smth to show their games to those looking for them, not exactly to try and push it to everyone on twitter. I was wondering if there were any of those.
  23. Ah, you mean Hashtags? Hashtags are the way that people find information quickly on Twitter. When you click on a Hashtag you are sent to a page that has all of the posts related to that hashtag so you can see all comments about it, starting with the latest. If a Hashtag gets a high number of posts within a certain time period it will appear in the Top 10 of Twitter and be "trending", which greatly increases its exposure. That said, it is rare (but not impossible) for a game to get that type of exposure. Super Smash Brothers, Pokemon, Call of Duty, and Animal Crossing are a few of the games I remember trending in the last few months. Club Penguin, more a game our speed, trended a while ago when its demise was announced. Well, let's dive in, anyway. First thing's first; you have to make Hashtags for your own products, features and events. So you have to make a #WildSouls or #FoodBabs tag so people can find your product. You don't and shouldn't use your custom Hashtag on every post but you should on important posts (major features, events, promotions, updates, ect.). Next, you have to work on getting some more exposure by using other tags. To that, I say you must be extremely careful. One ill-advised strategy that I often see Twitter Accounts using is commenting on whatever's trending in the Top 10 to increase their exposure even if they (1) are not sure why something is trending or (2) have nothing relevant to say about the trending topic. Unfortunately, events of tragedy (someone's death, a disaster, mass causality event or scandal) trend often on Twitter and making a promotional comment on such a tag may make you seem insensitive and/or out of touch. Don't be one of these people. Instead, you should be looking for Recurring Hashtags (Google it) and why they trend and try to throw your weigh into there. Here are some examples that I'm hiding in the Spoiler Thread -
  24. Silcoon has worked really hard to get Shine City looking perfect for everyone! To look at the rest of the new Shine City go to the explore section. Visit Shine City
  25. I'm thinking about making a twitter for Wild Souls (and eventually Foodbabs later this year), but as someone who never uses twitter, I have no idea what tags are the best to use.
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