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  4. I'm looking to hire a developer who can work on a system that allows users to customize their character, such as pick colour, markings and species. The site is coded with Javascript, PHP, HTML and CSS mostly. Please DM me or message me on discord at Jackrabbit#1344 to discuss this further with me and give me your prices. I do reply faster on discord, so that is a more ideal place to contact me.
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  6. Does anyone else remember CB (creaturebreeder.com)? Well, it's almost dead, but it can be revived! We just need to spark new interest in it and help the creators in any way we can. So, the jist of CB is that you breed many different virtual pets (pretty realistic genetics btw) and watch them run about on your farm. You can also decorate your farm to make stunning designs. It was a huge part of my childhood and even today I find it fun at age 19. Here's the issue. Everyone has forgotten about it. It used to have a great userbase, but now it's hard to find anyone even online anymore. And, I don't know much about computers, but apparently Flash is dying in 2020 too? So we need to find a way around that as it RUNS on Flash. And before you start, if you have the problem of not being able to feed your creatures or move things around your farm, add CB to your approved websites list with Flash. Type the following link: http://www.creaturebreeder.com Include the http:// and everything. This is a super common problem and if you still need help please let me know. Anyway I just think it would be a shame if such a gem was just allowed to fall to pieces. This website needs a little love, but it's not over yet. Please crosspost this and spread the word any way you can. We need a new generation of players to pull things back together. I am palebluedot on CB, if anyone wants to talk to me on there. I'd be happy to start you out with some free creatures. Let's see if we can't at least try to keep this thing alive? Thanks for reading.
  7. I'm building out the plugin system right now with Alpha Codes as my test subject. šŸ¤ž Edit: CI is tricky to use as far as creating a plugin system. It has hooks, but it's not as extensive as Laravel. @Jinjojin this is one situation where Laravel may have been a better option.
  8. Woke up at 2:30am. Only back on the Internet by tethering to mobile data. My home internet has been out since Sunday night and the company said they won't begin to even assess the problem until Thursday. Wish I had a person or two to bounce some ideas off. 10 minutes to 6am. Back to Bed I go!
  9. Shame that a game that seems to be memorable to many people was derailed by drama. I guess if anything can be said about such a thing is that it can serve as a lesson learned on the game you're currently devoted to. Not just in how artists could or should be compensated -- but about how things might go should things go South like they inevitably seem to do for any project. Knowing how to PR is an invaluable skill. You are already demonstrating a great skill there; your honesty about what had happened. And it is appreciated. It may be worth-it to have a General Interest Survey when you have time. The people you often hear about are the so-called Vocal Minority. Those who cry and scream loudest about things that may not be in the best interests of the general population. How do you know what the General Population wants? You ask them. You can also look at data, but that doesn't come until later in this case. šŸ˜› What I've found, especially around here, is that there are more people lurking than they are talking. So you can't really use what people say as a good indicator for what they want. You may have to make a case and throw up a poll for that. And don't get discouraged if one or two people tell you otherwise -- especially if the data shows otherwise.
  10. Basically artists were claiming they were owed money for art. Other artists said no, there was never any cash payment given for art, and no one was promised any pay, that they were paid in site perks. The former owner also told me that no one was owed or promised money. But it basically ended up in a big ugly mess that stymied development. I had put a lot of resources already into the site, after purchasing it and buying new art etc, and the prospect of funneling more money and effort into it only to end up with a lot of ugliness surrounding the site just wasn't appealing. I'd like to see the site go back up for old time's sake, but it's not a modern game in any way, shape, or form and would never be a high-earning game in its current form, unless people are lots more nostalgic than I think they are
  11. I'm curious what you mean by "backlash from former artists". Feel like people are willing to spend on the right game, but generating interest is harder than it used to be since there's much more competition than there used to be.
  12. I have found myself having less and less time to devote to www.celestialequine.com which has lead me to consider selling the game. About the game Celestial Equine is a browser-based fantasy equine SIM for all ages! Basic game-play is completely free, but upgraded features are available in our special Cash Shop. Players can create their own fantasy horses, compete in shows, battle, and breed to create unique genetics. Celestial Equine features 18 unique worlds, which are unlocked through game-play. Each world houses unique breeds, shops, clubs, competitions, mini games, and more! With so many interesting features, players can choose to focus on a single game-play aspect, or attempt to master multiple areas of the game! Whether a player is interested in breeding unique genetics, playing mini-games, or winning competitions, Celestial Equine users are sure to be amazed! Here is a quick breakdown of the game's current features: Standard registration/login/credential retrieval Forum/Chat Breeding system Horse Sale System Private Messages Player Reviews + Rewards Random Events Upgraded Gameplay Battle System Competition System Clubs (not currently enabled, but completed) Quests Advanced Admin Panel Cash Shop (Paypal Integration) Discord Server Integration Moderator System Unreleased art/items I am proud to say the game has been profitable for the last two years and does currently support itself. There are a few bugs lingering around the game that I have not been able to get fixed due to a lapse in a full time developer. I would also consider a partner with the appropriate buy-in as I do love CE, but I simply cannot devote as many hours as it needs to be successful. Serious buyers/potential partners can contact me through private message here or via Discord (Mae #0107). I am happy to share AdSense revenue, Paypal Revenue, and our current game stats through private conversation! Thank you!
  13. I still have the entire teripets site but scapped developing it as a site of its own due to backlash from former artists. I still hope to some day include a "teripets land" of some kind into aethria. I had toyed with the idea of putting the old teripets site back up and just dealing with individual artist complaints as they came, but unfortunately that would require an operating budget, and these days people are just not willing to spend on petsites like they used to, so I can't support it financially.
  14. I would very much like to see this happen. I played it until the very last day it shut down. Really do miss it. Teraliths all the way!
  15. Talk about anything and everything, just be respectful of everyone.
  16. Actually have a feature list this time- note this is based entirely on what I would like to have in my own game, so features may or may not be useful to everyone. Will modify when I find my masterlist of "site features I wanna include" lol. -In-depth coordinate based exploration and event system -Quest System -NPC Creation/Storage -News System -Mini Games
  17. I'm sorry that it has taken so long to give you guys an update on progress! We've considered how the current game play has gone over with users, and identified some critical areas that require addressing in order for the site to reach its potential. At the top of the list is the deco system. It needs to be fixed so that it works as intended, including layering issues and khimbits not working in deco. Next, we know that the foraging system in khimeros has not been popular. The current plan is to change the system to gathering (a la Calligra and Aluriya) for quests and trash, and to include one foraging area for khimbit tokens and possible rares of some kind. In the longer term, we'd replace some of the current gathering to other activities like games or exploring, to keep gathering from getting too stale. The current chat system is under consideration, we'd like to know whether people favor an on-site chat room, or would prefer to stick with Discord as the main site chatroom. Finally, the aether doppels/fusions system doesn't seem to be popular. The current plan would be to potentially scrap that system and include aethers as growable Inklings. In order to get the deco system in working order and thus allow us to move forward with site development, we will need to raise funds for the programmer to complete that task. We are open to suggestions for things people would like to see and would be willing to spend money on, including custom items, custom growables, mystery packs, etc. To join the discussion, please meet us on Discord
  18. @Mobotropolis wow...love the list. Thanks! @Jinjojin I chose bootstrap for the same reason as Mobotropolis. I'm already fluent in it, it's easier for others to make changes, and it's relatively easy to use. Codeigniter is a personal preference. I used laravel in a few corporate projects and that may be flavoring my distaste for it. I've used a few frameworks (as well as written my own for some personal projects), and my general opinion is any framework can be as good as any other so long as you know what you're doing. I'm not sure what kind of longevity CI has, but I am also capable of editing the framework if need be for future versions of PHP. It provides a lot of security built-in (which is why I quit using my own framework...why reinvent the wheel?), it's MVC and makes sense to my brain, it's easy to extend, and I really enjoy it. *shrug*
  19. looking for work, i am sooo bored, pm me.
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  21. A good programmer will be able to create an feature to meet your needs. The part you may need to start working on before getting a programmer involved is defining your needs. To that, I'd suggest doing two things; 1. Creating some Mockups to show the programmer what you want the feature to look like. Saying you want it similar to X, Y, and Z is a step in the right direction -- but if you want a feature to call your own either you or your developer will have to do some mockups to get a sense of what goes where and what the final feature should look like. Even a rough design, a sketch you do on some computer paper and take a cellphone picture of (NOT THAT I DO THIS*coughcoughcough*) can give people who are working on it a sense of what goes where. 2. Making a list of features for your feature. In a customization feature your models are usually broken down into pieces and you have to design ahead of time (or have a massive headache later) which pieces are going to be customizable. Something like this: Hair Left / Right Ear Eyes Face Lips Eyeshadow Neck Left / Right Arm Left / Right Hand Bottoms Tops Shoes Socks Back Accessory Garland Trinket Background Then it might go a bit beyond that. - Do you want users to have a closet to store their clothing? How should this area look and operate? - Do you want your users to save outfits? How many outfits? - Do you want users to rate user outfits or to be able to share them on site/social media? - Is clothing going to be free, purchased with real money, or both? You also seem to be an artist, so I'm guessing you're going to make the Avatar bases and some concepts for the clothing? If not, you're going to have to find someone who can. Fortunately, there are many artists around here who can do avatar bases. Sure; you can. šŸ˜› Knowing how to code is such a marketable skill to have that I recommend anyone who can learn it. Even if you decide to commission out the work for your avatar feature having a general idea of how it will work will be helpful to both parties since you will be better able to explain what you are looking for, and may be able to fix or adjust some things yourself once you have the final product. If you are an absolute beginner with coding I have two recommendations on where to learn: An oldie but goodie - LissaExplains This is one of the sites I learned the basics of building a website from Back in the Day (TM). Some of the lessons are outdated, but the fundamentals about HTML, CSS, DIVs and how to include JavaScript are not. For a more modern place try W3Schools You can learn more about Modern JavaScript (Frameworks like React, Angular, and JQuery) and Server Side Languages like PHP and MySQL from here. From there, you'll need some server space to test and eventually host your product for the public to try. For that, I and I'm sure some others out there would recommend DigitalOcean. If the Command Line is troublesome you can one-click setup Cpanel for a visual guide around your server. It's around $5 a month ($60 a year) which is on-par with the average price of a hosting service these days. You'll just have to bring a domain name (you don't need one now!) when you're ready to show your site to the public.
  22. Hi! You can do that here in the for hire section. Every programmer has their own costs. You'll have to enquire to get a better idea. Some charge by the hour and some charge per project. You'll get all sorts of prices for lots of different level of experience. I charge a high $60/hour price but I don't usually do petsite work because most people here don't have a budget for that kind of work. I think I've seen the hourly rate here around $15-20/hour. Since you know close to nothing, you will want to learn the basics. PHP is a language which can do the dress-up type features you're after, so you'll want to learn the basics of PHP first and get familiar with that before you dive into coding your own dress-up game. Once you're comfortable with PHP, you'll want to look at the PHP libraries for GD and Imagick, as they're what are commonly used for creating this type of content. I guess my only question is, what are you end-goals? If all you want is a simple dress-up game that you can play with for fun, then I suggest hiring someone to make it for you. If you're planning on creating your own site one day with many different types of features, I'd start learning how to program from the beginning. Beginner tutorials, videos, practise etc. Hope that helps!
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