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  2. When deciding to join/check out a VPS, what do you consider the "bare minimum" of features that make it worth it? While I have a rough grasp of PHP, I am still working on learning (and doing so self-taught fashion) so things come slowly, and I do prefer to focus most of my energy in developing story and artwork. So I'd like to figure out what features people aside from me consider to be the bare necessities for a petsite (and I mean besides the basic login/register.) Appreciate your insight!
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  4. Week 3 of this event was just released and includes the introduction of some major characters, as well as the ability to make your first major choice in a branching path -- choices made by players will affect their own week 4 prompts, as well as the future of the game's storyline as a whole. (art for the captain npc by https://www.deviantart.com/buntato) The storyline is available for anyone to read here, if you're interested in following it! https://realm-of-lyth.com/event/2020/turn-the-tides/story
  5. I completely forgot to add to this. Thank you so much for the info! I'll look into PHP and Ruby and their tutorials. ^ - ^
  6. The lovely @Cassandra1891 Did these bases as a custom Comission. I am only seeking What I paid for the bases. $14 per set. [Fox bases] and for the Reindeer [$10] I will be accepting only Paypal ready USD payments. You will obtain all psd files in original format, and full ownership rights.
  7. Hi, folks! We are looking for a graphic designer to join our team at Figment. Learn about us on Twitter and join our Discord! This will be an ongoing role with intermittent work. (Note: the first month of work will be heavier because of the backlog, but after that it'll slow down a little.) The overwhelming majority of design work needed is to create 800x800 social media graphics. Other things you might work on include graphics for our Patreon, game resource guides, 300x300 headers, etc. Vector graphics experience preferred. We're focused on a brand image that is whimsical and lighthearted, and we market ourselves as a "haven for artists, writers, and creators." We need content to reflect that! Here are examples (that we like) of what we used in the past: https://imgur.com/a/zKEVIVH All artwork is provided. We also have a standardized font that we will send you. So most of this involves creative layering, color schemes, art placements, and backgrounds. Paid USD via PayPal. Please email your rates along with a portfolio/examples. IMPORTANT: When sending your payment expectations, please give an hourly rate (& state hours needed) or a project-based price as though you were charging us for making THIS graphic: https://imgur.com/dbYpQCl ALSO Important: We are a team that functions entirely in a Discord channel, so you must be reasonably active. Must be able to provide work within a reasonable timeframe. Must be 18+. We are a very tight-knit team so we will favor choosing someone who fits in with our culture. We are a largely LGBTQ+, silly, often lewd group of sarcastic creatives. Join us! Thanks for reading! - Leef --- Email: admin@figment.pet Discord: Michaela#9071 (I don't check DMs here.)
  8. I was learning game design in Unity before I began the project and I just kind of stayed with Unity while doing so. I'm very new to coding and these programs, if another program is better for it I would much rather switch over and start learning it instead. I'm trying to teach myself how to program the things I design since I don't have formal education in this area. I haven't fully grasped PHP or Ruby yet, I'm getting more comfortable with Visual Studio Code but that's about it. I'm a very visual learner and tend to have a hard time focusing if I'm not able to grasp the program.
  9. Is there any particular reason you chose Unity for this? You can embed Unity into a webpage, so your creature generator should still run, but there are alternatives like standard programming languages (PHP, Node, Ruby, etc.) which can do the same thing.
  10. I've been thinking about this for a while now and can't pin point the best way to go. I wanted to ask if I'm heading in a good area or if I'm going the complete opposite direction or if there's another option I completely over looked. I needed a break from learning coding so I started working on a design/layout for my creature generator that I will be using for my future site. My first plan was to design it in PS or Adobe X D then program/code it into Unity. But that is where my question of "Does it work like this or is there another program to code it all in to post on the site? does the code from unity get transferred to the site or did I misunderstand the tutorial?" This generator was inspired by another site I've been apart of for many many years now. The generator in question will be setup for the players to pick/choose the genes, breed, gender and color of their creatures parents or the creatures starting two genes (this one is most likely what I'll be going with). There will be a roll/percent chance to get the color they wanted or a different shade of that color based on the parents. Let's call them starters as they do not have parents in their history once made. The starters can either have no genes at all, carry two but not show it or show one gene only. For each creature created a fee of in game currency will be charged to the player. I'm still in the designing area but if I'm designing it in the wrong program I would like to stop where I'm at and finish it or restart it in the correct program. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  12. You have some beautiful works here! Well done on those beasties
  13. Please Note: I didn't actually test it to verify that it works, but at first glance it looks like it should.
  14. Thank you, Judda! This looks great =D
  15. You have to be careful with a query like that. You should be validating that it is more than just set otherwise you could potentially get yourself into SQL injection territories. Adding in an "intval" could help with that just to 100% make the string an integer before being placed in your code. I've adjusted your code block to also remove the "else" section, because you can easily define it above, and won't run into scoping issues. $page = 1; if (isset($_GET["page"]) && ($value = intval($_GET["page"]))) { $page = $value; } $start_from = ($page-1) * $perpage; The caveat with this code, is it isn't going to do a "0-based", so your pages must start at 1 which is what you are doing anyways with the page - 1 part.
  16. How many things on the page: $perpage = 100; Then put this after to get the page number from the URL if (isset($_GET["page"])) { $page = $_GET["page"]; } else { $page=1; }; $start_from = ($page-1) * $perpage; This add this to the end of the select query of things youre paginating. LIMIT $start_from, $perpage Then you just need to gather the links to the pages (in another query but without the limit).
  17. Just wondering if you are still open for commissions? If so I get paid next week I believe its next week. I am not quite sure what I want yet other then a 3 stage set. Which if I read correctly is $45? :3
  18. I'm looking for an item artist that can create about a dozen wooden statues that look like our animal creatures for Eliyo. Something like this is the idea. And I would be interested in getting a stone re-textured version of them all as well. Some actual items from Eliyo that these items should align with. I also need a couple wooden toys. * Recreation of the old fashion dog wood but using a floppy eared Zorvic. * Pile of wooden blocks, Eliyo themed instead of letters * Spinning top painted like the old fashion tops * Block pieces shapes a painted with plain colors If interested you can contact me on here or by email (chaiimstudios@gmail.com). Thanks!
  19. looking for work, in big batches if possible. board with the lock down here.
  20. Updated thread! Now seeking background artist!
  21. Haha! And just like that, ad serving limits are back. How obnoxious!
  22. @Bedouin that is exactly where I started my daily spending. Just an FYI, AdSense did flag my account due to the sudden influx of traffic when I first turned it on. I agree word of mouth has been the most impactful marketing outlet for us as well. Thanks for the insight! That is a fair monthly increase.
  23. I haven't gotten around to really advertising Eqcetera yet, but I've worked with small businesses in their marketing. The rule of thumb is to spend 5-15% of revenue on marketing, but they include items that we normally wouldn't like email softwares, landing pages, marketing agency, photo licensing, branding, etc. I plan to start with a test budget of $5/day then ramp up to 5-10% of revenue depending on marketing initiatives. This budget will include advertising but that won't make up 100% of it since I have other marketing costs. I think for pet sites, it's important to work around other costs. Most of our marketing is through word of mouth. Just do whatever feels comfortable and if you have more money to throw in the budget, do it after you know you're getting an ROI.
  24. Hello everyone! I am mulling over my advertising budget (mainly through adWords) and I am curious how other game owners are determining their budget + timing budget increases. What factors are you considering when selecting a daily budget (example; daily adsense earnings, percentage of site earnings, etc)?
  25. Hello all! I am on the hunt for an artist to completed (4) family crest badges similar to this look: The badges should be in CE's item style: Feel free to reach out on Discord or PM me here if you are interested!
  26. Thank you so much!! A lot of folks put a ton of work into this event and I'm excited to see it unfold + hope everyone enjoys it!!
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