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  2. Thanks for letting me know~
  3. @txtsd - Since it was Gabby who did it a while ago, I am fairly confident that it's PHP because I was chatting with them a lot back then.
  4. If your backend is in Python, hit me up.
  5. Yeah - I think I'm going to drop my EA Pass before my next renewal - I don't play enough games from it (or any really) for it to be worth it. This year it kind of accidentally renewed *facepalm*
  6. Over the last year or so, I've begun watching a fair bit more YouTube, because the amount of content on video games that I will never play has skyrocketed One of the series that I found really interesting was Boundary Break. Basically they hack the games so that they are able to move the camera anywhere, and find little Easter Eggs we weren't supposed to find. It's really a neat project that I enjoy seeing / hearing about because of all of the developer tricks that they put in place.
  7. This is sad, yeah I hear about this a lot. Where I was from, there were a couple judges with a reputation of giving custody to Mom despite evidence that she wasn’t providing adequate care for kids. I watched a lot of male clients lose their kids to women who were just so spiteful. They’d throw their own kids under the bus without batting an eye. Sometimes even the kids didn’t want to be around Mom and they’d tell you just how nutty she is, yet Dad is lucky if he gets weekends. Sometimes I think they knew they could get away it because of society’s inclination to assume that women are better parents. Even outside court I see men fackng this problem taking their kids out in public. They’re met with suspicion or their parental status isn’t taken seriously just on the basis of gender.
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  9. Don't really like this series anymore, they made the story way too convoluted with too many spin-offs. Disney apparently said no to putting Sora in Smash Bros, that's the only thing I would have been excited for involving the series.
  10. @HareThat happened to my cousin in the custody battle for his child whom he dearly loves. His wife was a complete bitch about the entire matter, demanding full custody, and got it...cause she's the mother, and isn't letting him see his child. He's doing his best to fight back to keep his relationship with his son alive, but with full custody, there's not a lot to be done. I feel fortunate my parents had a relatively amicable divorce, and despite that my mother also got full custody, she at least realized I still needed my father in my life, and just because she didn't love him anymore, didn't mean that I shouldn't see him. Sadly, I think that's not necessarily the norm, as, let's be honest, women kinda tend to be spiteful (unlike guys who just punch each other and then everything's ok, women hold a grudge forever), and I've seen other split family's where the mother uses the children to hurt to divorced husband (it was truly awful, the mother was a drug addict had committed petty crimes, didn't show up to court and STILL got full custody). The law system is definitely rigged against men for family court, I've seen it all too much.
  11. Either way it would be a good idea to keep an eye out there for people you might have lost contact with! Maybe you can reconnect
  12. For my son the XBox Game pass for the XBOX One has proved worth it since he does have a few he plays on there a lot but also checks out many new ones. Or at least, he did in the first year - I should verify this now. However - I recently dropped my EA pass (shortly after they added a higher version of it). I was mostly just playing the Dragon Age series and I calculated it was cheaper just to buy those than to keep paying for the subscription so after a few years I finally cancelled.
  13. I watched a boyfriend years ago play this with his aunt on one of the play stations, it caught my attention but I never looked into it more (as in, not actively playing it myself). I am determined to play it though, thanks for mentioning these are out! Time for some decision making.
  14. This is very true - I wouldn't go for just any, VPSDime had a great rating on LowEndBox, I also used BuyVm for a while. VPSDime didn't have a parent company I believe but BuyVM does with Frantech, still small but they were both really good in my past experiences.
  15. When I ran my own business I was using Quadranet for a dedicated server. I found a deal they offered on low-end-box for a cheaper server and so we got it. Had it for 3 years with only a couple issues that weren't caused by my mistake, both of which were hardware related. Since the business has closed down, that server went away, and I'm still using them for a dedicated with a couple friends. Excellent service, If you're thinking about looking through low-end-box I advise you to be very careful of VPS providers unless they are a bigger company. There are a lot of scams going around and my friend and I got hit with it. Not fun having to go back in backups by 3 months. Interestingly enough, Through Quadranet you can get a VPS as well through their InfraCloud services. Was hosting a UniFi controller on one as opposed to a cloudkey on our customers sites, and it was very reliable.
  16. @judda The package adds the the ability to add permissions to roles and users themselves through a call to the user object such as $user->givePermissionTo('edit profile'); or, $user->assignRole('Premium'); Like other packages (I assume. Only used this and zizaco/entrust), all permissions are registered to laravel's gate so you can use the native $user->can('do this permission') function or the blade directive for it. Here is the documentation for the package as well
  17. This is literally something I feel like I've been waiting *forever* for. My brother had a Playstation, but I never really used it, and I never had the original Kingdom Hearts game. Over the Christmas break, I saw that these were coming out, and now they are finally here
  18. @Thistle did you have any luck?
  19. Geez - I remember when I was buying a 64 GB USD key thinking "this is huge" had it was likely more than that.
  20. I used to be hosted on HostGator, but then they got stupidly terrible, yay EIG, and way more expensive at the same time. I used to host IcePets.Com on VPS Dime, pretty darn cheap for what you got. Really reliable. But now, I'm on QNEZ's servers like Misticpets is. @GeekGirl is amazing to work with.
  21. Once they broke the 200GB Barrier, The available sizes skyrocketed and the prices fell like crazy. I just bought a Two-Pack of 128GB Sandisk Extreme Plus Micro SD cards (U3, A2, V30) cards for $45.00. It wasn't long ago that I spent $45 on a 64GB card and thought it a great investment.
  22. I also have XBOX Game Pass, partially due to the upgrade window, and also because I already had it when I tried to renew my Gold account. That being said, I personally prefer to just straight up buy the games because I rarely play and would like to be able to continue playing even if I stop paying. I have a mixture of both physical and digital games. I recently bought at 512 GB MicroSD card (didn't realize there was such a thing) for my Switch for all fo the games and the updates that go along with it.
  23. And of course the "baby yoda"s of the world increased in numbers after the show happened.
  24. So despite not playing a ton of console games, I finally upgraded from my XBOX 360 to an XBOX ONE S about a year ago. I have a 4K TV and while I don't do any gaming in 4K really, I wanted it for it's ability to do 4K HDR BRD. After a bit of juggling, a free trial and such, I ended up converting 3 months of xbox game pass I was gifted, and my 6 month subscription to XBOX LIVE GOLD, into a 9 month Subscription to the XBOX/PC Game Pass and on top of this I have the EA Game pass for XBOX. But when talking about this with a friend earlier, I realize I actually own all the games I play. Some I bought new, most I bought when they went down in price. So I guess my question is, do you prefer to pay a monthly subscription for game access or to own a physical (or digital) copy of a game that you can walk away with in the end?
  25. /me shudders - yeah CSS and it's finickiness is not my favourite thing in the world. Takes way too much time to get "right", and even that is subjective. This is why I normally focus on the backend stuff @ShadowMage I have never heard of that package until now! Is it a lot more useful than just using straight gates/policies? So much power ... but then so much ability to have one character screw it up entirely https://rubular.com/ has helped me through the years of regex.
  26. It was definitely a slow-burn intro, but it didn't leave you wanting to discount it, you always wanted to see "more", even when it was slow... That takes a certain amount of talent to pull off.
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