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  2. im selling a dinosaur pet and a small sushi pack! The working size is 500x500 It comes with its layered PSD Asking-$25 The small sushi pack comes with Chopsticks, a Sushi roll, and some soy sauce (the bowl with the soy sauce bottle is on another layer so you can reuse it for other items too). The working size of all the items is 200X200 you get a layered PSD of them all so you can easily change things around to match your style or recolor for more items Asking- $12 Paypal Only Thank you!
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  4. Oh okay. Well, for a start it's a browser-based RPG, it's not just a point and click standard site. So hopefully that will gain some interest. I am implementing a quest system along with events. I'm undecided on dailies — whenever I play an MMO with dailies I always feel pressured and/or feel the rewards aren't worth it, so I don't bother but if people desperately want a reason to play the game every day, I suppose they could be implemented. There won't be any games (e.g. mini games, etc.) as such, but I can see a place for competitions like "Submit an amazing piece of artwork or a piece of writing to become a part of the world / lore, etc." I'm writing the first "season" of the plot right now, although one of the issues with developer-provided content is that it can be consumed far more quickly than any person or team can create it.
  5. When I say activities I mean Games, Dailies, Competitions, Quests, Puzzles, Events and whatnot. Things that the players are going to be invested it and what brings them back to the site every day. People who may be looking for a game might be curious about what there is to do at your game, and why it might be different from the 50-some plus active and/or in development games around.
  6. Activities Hmm. When you say activities, what do you mean? Community There will be player groups, alliances/guilds, and factions that your characters can work with. Given the divided nature of the realms, your character will likely end up siding with some factions over others although you're not bound to them — if you decide your character is tired of working with the "good" faction, there's nothing stopping them from switching to help the "bad" faction, or even remaining neutral. I mean, some people just want to farm in peace and not go to war. Social features In-game chat, forums, the Discord server (for now), but also guilds are a social feature I suppose.
  7. I re-read your opening post and thing the idea might be interesting. What types of activities would the player be able to get involved in? Community could be interesting. Will there be something like groups, factions or alliances? A game that has community might need social features. Do you have any in mind?
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  9. @Feuerqueen I'm looking to sell it in a completed state rather than as-is. Just wanted to check interest here because I wasn't sure if dog bases were still useful. But if it's something you're interested in, I'm happy to discuss with you! Thanks Lauren 😄 (Don't wanna ping you again since we're already in a private chat but if you see this, I appreciate the well wishes!)
  10. My next steps will be acquiring people to bounce ideas and features off — obviously, I have a vision for my game, but there's no point me accruing a lot of art assets if people don't find the basic premise of the game interesting, and the gameplay fun...
  11. Hey dracula, would you be willing to "finish" it or is it "buy as WIP"? If you'd be willing to start working on it again I'd like to discuss it further. regards, Feuerqueen
  12. I commend you for your honesty about the state of your project and applaud you for your courage posting. Good luck! One good thing about getting everything out in the open is that there are people here who can and will be willing to help you. So, what do you think your next steps are? Getting that artwork? Of what and in what format? Or maybe some people to bounce ideas and features off of?
  13. Can you let me know when you're available to do some animation stuff 😄 Thanks!
  14. I added a couple of sketches to the bunch. Are you interested in my art? I would like to know if you think my pricing is fair/ the quality you're looking for. Thanks!
  15. Posting this more as an accountability/development thread than an announcement of anything. Furry Realms is an online multiplayer RPG featuring anthropomorphic animals. I suppose the closest comparison would be RuneScape but without the fancy 3D graphics but also a bit of Stardew Valley in terms of pacing. It is a 2D graphical game (like Stardew Valley) with a focus on community, engaging stories that have closure, and having fun at your own pace. The premise of the game is based primarily in the mythological realm of Albion (where King Arthur, Camelot, the Round Table, etc. exist.) However, other realms are connected to Albion — all the realms of fiction and myth, in fact. Albion is merely the crown jewel; the place where the Storymancer weaves their magic and helps the heroes win. The plot involves a war between those who seek to twist the realms of myth and fiction to their own dark desires (feeling that the heroes always "get everything"), and those who seek to save the realms from that terrible fate. King Arthur leads the good folks for now, while an unknown enemy stirs up the disaffected. The realms are not yet fractured and in chaos, but rumours are surfacing that the Titans are climbing back up Mount Olympus in the realm of the Greek Gods, while in Victorian London, a menace stalks the streets murdering young women. A war brewing on many fronts, your character has many choices to make — but there are no "right" or "wrong" choices, only ones with consequences. Even choosing a side may prove surprising — just because they have the title of "hero" doesn't mean they deserve it... I had been working on this game for over 2 years, but foolishly I lost everything in a crash over the weekend and my backups are corrupted. 😞 So, I'm starting from nothing and working my way back up. This started off as a personal "game I'd like to play" but then some folks expressed an interest in wanting to play it too, or at least having access to a community that was a bit different from most games. Furry Realms is community led in most areas — it's nothing without a community, so there are deliberate design choices to include the community in the direction of the game, the species available, moderation, arbitrating disputes, and so on. While a perfect community is impossible, I want people to be invested and feel responsible for helping to create a community they want to play with every day. Additionally, I'm only one person and can't possibly have all the ideas and time needed to make this game a success after it's been developed. I'm not sure what else to add here — I need to get artwork commissioned and get the website back up. Most folks seem to post a list of features, but I don't know if me doing that would be particularly popular. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them. Discord at https://discord.gg/65RzGSz
  16. Thank you, I have emailed them direct, I was just unsure of the level of support we'd have so thought I'd leave a post here too
  17. @Design1online, not sure if they reached out to you, but just in case since this is PGF.
  18. Hi guys, We are experiencing some errors in trying to get images to work via PGF. I have emailed the creator but unsure if would be within scope of support since we are modifying the script somewhat (and since the script isn't complete either). We are trying to get the dynamic images working. We are not going into the extent of having seperate layers for line art, shading etc. We just doing a base colour which have all the shading/lineart etc already in it (so have multiple different base colours), then modifying markings will be a layer on top of that. Here is a snippet of the script my programmer believes is causing the issue but if need any further please let me know! Any help would be HUGELY appreciated!
  19. Hello everyone! I am looking for 1-2 additional developers to help complete the last few tasks remaining before our grand opening! DEV ONE - front end cleaner The first open position is to help optimize a few of our mobile view pages and to clean a few messy designs. This will not include any backend work! DEV TWO - back/front mixture The second position is a mixture of bug fixing and assisting completing our admin panel migration. These features are complete and operational in our old cp but I would like everything to be accessible in one place! If interested feel free to reach out via discord. Mae #0107 is my handle!
  20. We have a new pet style! It is called the Sakura style. It is now currently available for the Theralice, Chimare, Rimulus, Caritara, and Draconata. You must buy the Sakura Runestone to change your pet to this style. Thank you Coreath and Loki for working on this new beautiful spring style.
  21. Soooo a while back...maybe 1 or 2 years ago someone inquired about a dog maker base. Long story short, the commission turned out to be a dead end but I did some quick mach ups and was wondering if this was think anyone else would be interested in. Essentially it's a dog base (layered and such) where parts are interchangeable to create different breeds/sized dogs, or mixes that reference real life. (Mind you, the art is rough as it was a quick mach up). Here's a little preview of a few things it makes: I know dog sim/games aren't being created as widely anymore but it was a cool idea, and I figured I'd ask before I trash this with the rest of my old files. For a completed creator I'd probably be looking for a few hundred bucks but serious inquiries/offers can be entertained. PSD would include: Head 13 ear types (includes both long/short ear dogs, round, pointed, pricked, and floppy ear variants as well as long and show cropped ears) 7 eye types (includes bug eyes, triangle, almond, sunken (for wrinkled/hound breeds) 12 muzzle types (ranging from long to short snouts, hanging hound jowls, short faced breeds, roman nosed breeds such as borzoi and long faced sight hounds) Neck Thick and Thin Long and Short Head can be toggled along length of neck to create a desired look Body Ideal (lean) Thick (for larger breeds like rottie or husky) Thin (for racing dogs or adolescents, if you choose to build them that way) Swayback, Camel, Ridge back variants to create specific body breeds like gsd Legs and paws on separate layers so they can be toggled on/off to create dogs with missing limbs (if that's a thing you're into 11 tail types (everything from docked & cork to brush and whip All variants include short, medium, and long haired visuals so you can create pretty much any breed/crossbreed including wolf and coydog hybrids.  The base doesn't include colors or markings, only the breed visuals. It's just drag and drop different parts together to create whatever kind of dog you want Dog tax:
  22. I actually have an amazing writer I can refer! I just shot this ad over to her.
  23. Hope it will be a fun game to play
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  25. The flavor texts are little blurbs that randomly appear on a wolf's profile depending on their personality. For example, here's one from Lioden: You see [NAME] strutting around, chest held high. As you walk up, she tells you that this pride is the greatest pride in the lands! There are 29 different personalities, all of which need at least 5 flavor texts to start with (more or less, some are duplicated for similar personalities). I don't expect one person to write them all (unless they offer to) since that would mean about 145 different lines, and that sounds like a little much. Questlines are in a choose-your-own-adventure format, and includes different choices for players to make. It's not very long, they can be played through usually in less than 5 mins. They should be able to be written based on prompts I provide. Here's a short one on the site already: As for what's already there, there isn't much besides what's in that (pretty old) video.
  26. Can you provide some examples of what you're looking for? Possibly of what's already in there so we know how to do this stylistically?
  27. I'm looking for a writer (paid or volunteer) that would be willing to write flavor text and questlines for my wolf sim Wild Souls. If you are interested, please PM me with examples and prices or DM me on Discord (Dinocanid #6171)
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