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  3. That's kinda funny because I also charge $60/hour lol. Way back when, I used to see $20/hour being put out a lot but I guess times have changed!
  4. I charge $60/hr as well for freelancing, $46/hr for W2. It all depends on the skill level of the web developer as well!
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  6. I typically charge $60/hour and give a discount for larger projects. I've seen hourly rates all over the place, though...from $10 to $80+.
  7. Flying for Home Homepage | Facebook | Instagram Flying for Home (FFH) is a simulated horse racing game that has been open to the public since March of 2013. It is a fully automated site with actively involved developers and a wonderful, welcoming community. Members often say the game is one of the most in-depth and engaging horse games they've played, with multiple layers of strategy that take time to master. There are 5 breeds of horses, a complex and unique genetics system, individualized stats, traits, and appearances for each horse on the game, racetracks around the world, and plenty of options to tailor the game to your own goals and preferences. Races typically run twice each week and horse care is only mandatory once per week, which makes it popular among working adults and college students who don't have time to commit to daily care sites. That said - you can easily keep yourself busy throughout the game by interacting with the game's fun features, expanding your stables, and engaging with the community on a very active Discord server.
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  9. Hi. First off I want to apologise if this is the wrong place. I'm looking into making a sim game. I can do the front end with html CSS JavaScript etc. However at the moment I can't do back end. I was wondering how much people charge for this service. Thanks
  10. Just about 29 years old Trans guy New England, USA I'm a writer, and I'm also working on a VPS We have a corgi and a very small cat 🐶🐱
  11. Hello all! Seeking a programmer for a human avatar system along the lines of Gaia Online and Subeta. More or less a dollmaker... no need for the user to be logged in, no need for the system to access the inventory, etc. Everything would be available right away to the user, who would be able to search for items to add to the avatar and select from those. (No image previews. Items are searched by name only.) All colors are premade. No color select necessary, although I would like to discuss this as a possibility for hair and eyes, depending on the price. Pieces are as follows: Bases (skintone and gender select) Hair Eyes Nose Mouth Top1 Top2 Top3 Hand1 Hand2 Pants Shoes Background And up to 25 accessory slots (whenever they pick an accessory, another slot appears). I also need to be able to easily add more items to the system, so creating some kind of admin panel would be necessary. No need for users to be able to "store" their creations, although I would like if they could save the file to their computer instead of just taking a screenshot. Send me a message here if you're interested! 😀 We can discuss upfront payment as well, since I'm a newbie. Thanks! - WLeonhart
  12. Nice project you have here and it's definitely a big one to tackle. Another suggestion is a battle system. You could make simplified versions of everything and eventually create add-ons that makes it more complex. If you need ideas for different kinds you can look at virtual websites like Furvilla, Flight Rising, Goatlings, and Eliyo. You could make it player vs. opponent or chosen pet vs. opponent and so on.
  13. I commissioned Artsy from this post, the experience couldn't have been better! the art was amazing, after just a bit of describing what I wanted she perfectly captured what I wanted and then some! She worked fast and did a great job. The prices are great and more than worth it for the quality and what a great person she was to work with ❤️
  14. This issue has been fixed. =D
  15. We have some new icons available for everyone! . . . and some revamps. Thank you swar! They look great!
  16. You'll most likely want some sort of moderation tool that allows your staff to reject images that defy the rules you place. User submitted art is something that is best explored in the realm of such sites as Wolfhome, Wolfing and Worlize. TL;DR: Wolfhome's system forces their staff to review the user submitted work before it can be seen on the website. This allows for human intervention before a rule can be broken. Wolfing used a system that alerted staff to a new upload for review, but the user could use their artwork immediately after upload. I am unfamiliar with Worlize though I know they had a lot of trouble with art theft; they may have a good word or two on how to prevent art theft in a worst case scenario situation, lol. Both the Wolfhome and Wolfing systems break down this way: Wolfhome: User submits artwork and it is put into a "watch-tower" moderation tool. This application allows for a designated, trained staff member (ART or art review team) to review the image before it is submitted into the website. While a secure method to moderate any art traffic, the process can be daunting. I feel this system has a lot more cons than necessary, so unless you are well staffed or not trusting of your userbase, I don't recommend this method. A user can wait days before their submission is reviewed, and in the instance that it is rejected, they must repair the damages and then wait longer. Meanwhile, staff will feel pressured to work unnecessarily harder with a more difficult workload, which results in burnout for most. The long run of this system is that you develop a toxic working condition for both your staff and userbase; reviewing submissions becomes a methodology of power practiced by the staff (can be easily abused and will be), and in return it becomes one of the most complained aspect of their management organization. No one gets what they truly deserve of this system and it is complicated. Wolfing: Wolfing improves on the reviewer system by allowing users to immediately use their submitted image while it waits in the moderation tool. The moderator is then alerted to the upload and reviews the image; if the submitted image adheres to the aforementioned rules, the user doesn't notice a difference as it is accepted and out of the reviewer. If the submission is rejected, it is taken from public view and can be modified in a user-specified panel. This secondary review forces the once rejected submission to abide to a similar review system as Wolfhome's, securing that the rejected submission is properly edited. While this still requires human interaction with the submitted work, it decreases the stress and anxiety that the Wolfhome reviewer can induce in user populations. If that is limited then the staff output is better, burn out is less likely to occur, etc. Both of these systems require a user panel that allows for the upload and modification of those uploads and a moderation tool that reviews said submissions. It also requires for moderators to be able to push artwork back into the reviewer system to fix unwanted submissions that may have passed review. So, to make this fluent I feel like you would have to be able to search user submissions and other common, but modified, tools. For these methods to work, staff need to be properly trained and rules be set in place that protect the website and its userbase. You can increase your chances of better behavior by alerting to what art theft is frequently as a lot of art theft comes from a place of misunderstanding and not malice. I can always elaborate more but for now I think this post is pretty heavy ^^
  17. Maps, shops, exploration, items, these are all the fundamentals << I could easily elaborate on each of these topics. Gating tasks in various ways: whether its to limit a purchase, a quest or so on is probably important to note. Loot boxes and gachas would allow for currency sinks but also adds to the instant-gratification so many seek in mobile games these days. Professions add flavor to some game concepts but require a lot of other things to take place (exploration, item drops, item combinations, timed events), so I can't imagine it being immediately important. I also love the concepts of incorporating more social networking styled profiles and character designs, I feel like this is the changing market to pet games. We could learn from Amino and other apps that are gaining favor and what they have to offer their userbase, while improving upon it. I feel like most of us want to feel like independent creators, but I also feel like often times a lot of the success in niche platforms rely on communities functioning in federation with one another. To maintain the independence of creators while still allowing for us to communicate and exchange, something like Mastodon's fediverse model could work.
  18. Thanks @Bravefoot! I'm taking a break this weekend for some family time and to catch up on some other projects. I'll be back at it 2nd week of September
  19. We have a new battle opponent in the solDome! His name is Draak. He is a Level 20 opponent. Winning against him you will unlock the Draak icon.
  20. Sure. Not sure if you should do pets since those seem to vary from game to game. Maybe something like an generic item pack would do? Grocery Food Fruits: Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Pears, Berries, Melons Vegetables: Carrots, Potatoes, Broccoli, Lettuce, Meats: Fish, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Nuts, Nut Butter Grains: Bread, Rolls, Oatmeal, Cereal, Rice, Pasta Dairy: Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Ice Cream Sweets: Cupcakes, Donuts, Candy, Chocolates, Sodas Fast Food Burgers French Fries Drink Cups Sauce Cups Chicken Nuggets/Tenders Salads Toys Bouncy Balls Squeaky Toys Sport Balls Marbles Tops Charms Books Paperback Book Hardcover Book Spiral Notebook Magazines Newspaper Comic Books Gifts Greeting Cards Snow Globes Gift Boxes Gift Wraps Rings Ornaments Pharmacy Pill Medicine Bottle Liquid Medicine Bottle Syringe Needles Medical Pills Bandages Pill Pockets Grooming Brushes Combs Mirrors Hair Dryers Shampoo Bottles Hair Bands/Decorations
  21. We'll need to know a bit more about your project before we can give recommendations. Can you describe your game? And what you would like to accomplish with your website? One thing you might want to avoid is over-engineering your solution, whatever that may be.
  22. a group of people has attack the city! come and join either the police or the destructor to help the side you chose! whether you want to save the city or to rule the world! attack or save now : https://fb.gg/play/gloryordestruction
  23. Melon Editor comes from our vision "everyone can make games". so even those with limitless programming knowledge can create their own dream games. just prepare your game assets and do a simple drag and drop and voila you're done! Making Games has never been this easy! execute now : http://editor.melongaming.com/meloneditor/
  24. Untitled book items would be aces! Also general resource/material items and food items. I buy resource packs from another artist all the time and they're such a great deal.
  25. Hello! ^^ I'm going to be creating an item resource pack for those looking to start off with their games! Right now, I'm looking for suggestions of what I could add to it. Please keep suggestions as non-specific as you can! For example, say "Various Cat Breeds", not "Persian Cat, Siamese Cat, Russian Blue Cat, etc.". Keep responses in a list format to reduce spam! All items will be 250x250 px and will be rendered in a toony/semi-realistic style. I'll have a free pack available with a majority of the items, and a purchasable pack that includes PSDs, more alternate versions, and bonus items! I'm not currently looking for work, but if you want more specific items please PM me about what you're interested in! I can do pretty much any art style but my work isn't free. I'll give you a quote if I'm interested! ✨
  26. Hey everyone! ☺️ I'd like to move my ARPG to its own site; it's grown too large in content to be contained entirely on Discord. I'm a beginner at coding but I'm a fast learner, and I'm willing to pick up and try anything! I was wondering, what do you all use to build your sites? Are there any resources you can recommend? What coding language is best for something like this? And is there anything I would be better off avoiding? Thank you very much!! 💖
  27. I’ve been following this thread from the beginning as a lurker 👀 This seems to be going great! You’re working very fast, it’s amazing 😃
  28. Have you ever wanted to change your current species to another? Well, now you can! We currently only have it for the Chilee and Rimulus. They are sold in the Enchanted Forest shop for 500 sCoins each. Thanks Silcoon they look great! P.S. We have more to come!
  29. Just released a new pet for NeverGuardians: https://neverguardians.tumblr.com/post/187213253960/introducing-rainphant
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