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  2. Immersiveness of Browser-Based Games

    Something interesting that I haven't seen done much before in these types of games is a general storyline or path to follow. I know its difficult when designing a game to include one, since no one wants a definite start and end to the game, but I'm sure there are ways that it could work. I also think it would be interesting if the lore was made more obvious and was introduced to the player more directly via the gameplay. There are often so many interesting sounding items on petsites, but it takes a bit of digging to figure out the significance of them. Good luck on your game!
  3. I am the owner of virtual pet site, Solpets.com. Currently I am the only programmer for the site and would like a little help with getting some new games coded. I would like to have someone experienced in javascript. I now very little javascript. It is helpful you know php, but right now is not required. This is a volunteer position. Which to Solpets means you will not be paid in real money, but with our site currency. Our site currency is sPoints and sCoins. sCoins is how you will be paid - you get paid monthly. If interested please contact me here or even on Solpets is fine. Feel free to also email me: cutielou22@solpets.com
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Nicole, and I was a frequent user on virtualpetlist.com a while ago. Over the years I have worked on quite a few browser based games, mostly petsite, adoptable, and rpg related. While many of them never left my desktop, I finally have a game online that I am exited about and I'd like to share. Collectry.com is a browser based collecting game. To those familliar with traditional petsites, it's kind of like a petsite without the pets? Items are organized into series and are assigned a rarity. You can purchase a random item from the series in a "blind bag" type manner, and the goal is collect them all! A prominent feature of the site is trading and increasing your luck via gifting items. Any user can upload a series of their own too! In itself, I admit, it's not the most fun game to just spend hours playing - this is where the most exciting feature comes into play: Collectry.com is an OAuth2 resource and authentication server. This means that just like how you can login via social media on some sites, 3rd party sites will be able to let users "login"/link their collectry accounts to their own game. Once the collectry user is identified, the 3rd party site can access all their applicable collectry data, such as which items they have, or what series are completed. With just a quick check to the API, petsites and games can award items to users or unlock special features. For example, if users complete an entire holiday themed series on Collectry, they could receive a special holiday item on the petsite. Likewise, it can work the other way around. When a user collects a particular item on the petsite, the site can communicate with collectry and reward the user with a special item. The ability to directly purchase an item from a series can be turned off, so participating on the petsite could be the only way to get the item! ...and to take it even further, two petsites could even collaborate and interact! An action on petsite 1 could result in an item, which is then sent to collectry, which petsite2 could access. This could unlock a feature on petsite2! So many possibilities! ----- So... I'm looking for people to play test the site, find bugs, and suggest improvements! The site is live right now at Collectry.com, and is currently using public domain images for items. No emails will be sent out, so just register and sign in! Code was prioritized, so it's definitely not the most visually appealing site yet. Some pages may seem a little confusing due to the lack of good UI design. (sorry!) All of the data on the site will be purged at some point in the future before the Beta release. Possibly several times, so don't get too attached to your username or items or anything. Feel free to upload your own series too! Items need to be PNG images with transparent backgrounds. I'm quite proud of the user interface to do so (although I am aware of a few minor bugs/usability issues). Once submitted, I will need to personally review and approve it, so send me a message or email if I forget. I'm also looking for in-development games that are interested in taking advantage of the OAuth2 server, preferably someone with access to a developer who is willing to work with me to get it setup/linked correctly. I've tested it locally, but not with a real 3rd party site. Thanks so much and I look forward to continuing to develop and refine this game! I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  5. Hiring Progammer - Paid

    I'm looking for a programmer to get my site up and running, once you agree I will show you all the plans and did I meantion this is a paid gig I was wondering if you would be interested in opening a petsite with me and some of the best artist in the business You would be a partner in this project and I really looking forward to working with you. This is a paid position Chaz santaria@live.com 573-703-3950
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  7. Eliyo Kickstarter Live!

    $972 down so far, 14 days to go. I put in my pledge, who else will support this project?
  8. Crafting store stocks materials you can use in the coming plushie factory, for items like the Petittroll family. 30 more hidden avatars were just released, representing pet species and element colors. Quests are giving more gold now, these will always give you a profit when buying the items from NPC stores or from player shops close to NPC prices. Facebook group just opened, if FB is your thing you're welcome to join. You can also chat on discord with this Project: Petsite invite!
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  10. Mysidia Deluxe

    Slowly moving forward, but I finally added in the bank feature and made some final changes to the night sky theme (I need to work in a pretty environment lol). All the built in themes will also only use Bootstrap 4 now. Next things I'll start on soon are condensing the myadopts page (lots of unnecessary pages and redirects) and adding the auction and raffle features.
  11. frameworks? where to get started?

    Actually had the same problem. Upgrading my server was the end of my promising Mysidia adventure. There's an effort to update Mysidia called Mysidia Deluxe, but I'm not sure how far along they are. I guess the question to ask yourself now is what you might want your site built in. There are no shortages of CMS and Frameworks that a Pet Site could potentially be built in. Even Wordpress can do it, technically. As someone who's played the Perfect Framework Game for far too long, let me say this; There is none. A push-button solution doesn't really exist. Especially for Pet Sites in particular. You'll have to choose a solution, learn how to work with it, and shape it into that thing that you want. One thing I will say is the process of doing that is probably easier now than it was 5-10 years ago. There are more places you can ask for help. There are video tutorials. Many Frameworks have a support line you can ask questions. If you are completely new to this website-making thing, I'd suggest working on the Front-End first. Front-End is easier to learn and more forgiving than Back-End. Choose a Front-End Framework to work with and design the look and feel of your site. You can either learn or get someone to hook your site up to the Back-End later. Some Popular Front-End Frameworks: Bootstrap - The most popular Front-End Framework. Developed by Twitter. Foundation - Competitor for Bootstrap used by Facebook. Pure - CSS Framework developed by Yahoo. Materialize - A Framework with many ready-to-use components. Semantic UI - Framework designed for Beginners to Front-End Development. Choose one and get buildin'. Oh, and you might need an HTML Editor if you're building Front-End. I just made the switch to Visual Studio Code and am quite happy with it.
  12. frameworks? where to get started?

    @Mobotropolis this is some solid advice, thank you so much! I've heard of mysidia and would love to try that.. but the problem I have with that is that my site runs on php 7, and its not compatible with that.
  13. Wanted: php programmer

    Game got put on the wayside for a time but still looking for a coder. Really would prefer long term, getting frustrated with those saying they can help then ghosting!
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  15. Hey! My name is Lauren. I used to do art for pet sites back in the day, and I want to come back! I love drawing pets and fantasy items, as well as backgrounds too. I'm selling art! I will be posting sketches here. You can buy the sketch, or you can commission me to outline and color it. Also PM me if you want something custom! I have one sketch for today, more coming soon!
  16. Spy glass is broken and needs parts! Find them in the crafting store to get it back up giving gold and kudos. http://ProjectPetsite.com
  17. @Mobotropolis thanks for the in depth review of things, espessially now in this early stage of testing / releasing early and develop as we go, the feedback helps a lot.
  18. Hello!

  19. Figment |Patreon + New Art!

    Wow! I love the patreon video! Is your team looking for more artists?
  20. Hello! I'm a 2D Game Artist looking for work! I'm willing to do short term or long term contract work and can fit a variety of positions. I can work in any style, and can adapt my work to meet the look of your personal project! I enjoy doing all sorts of things, but would really love a position creating pet, creature, or monster bases the most! I also adore creating illustrations and concept art / designs and am comfortable with drawing all animals and creatures. ILLUSTRATIONS PIXEL ASSETS PET ASSETS Interested In Doing Work For The Following: 2D Pet Sims / Other Virtual Online Games 2D Mobile App Games Pricing Prices vary. Please let me know your budget and I'll work with you! Paid positions only, please. Experience + I was the Art Director for the online game Vesper End, that has over 700 active users, creating unique content that engages it's users to use creativity as a means of gameplay. I've created a variety of assets, from bases and items, as well as promotional art. + I have worked on an isometric game that is currently under NDA, creating creature, monster, and environmental assets. I am comfortable with creating tile sets, as well as animating sprites, and greatly enjoy working in this medium. + I have done various other small commissions and contracts over the years. I am comfortable with NDA's and other forms of contracts. + Photoshop | Clip Studio | Aseprite | Unity Please send me a message on here or via email at Nsykora@live.com if you're interested, thank you!
  21. With a new avatar or shall I say icon now? What do I mean you say?! Well, it is said that a long time ago, when the planet was still young, a tragedy befell Solopia. A star had fallen from the heavens one night and got lost on the planet's surface. The sun and the moon themselves mourned the loss of the little star, cloaking the world in a gloomy darkness as they embraced each other in their sorrow. But none of the Solopians knew of that loss, for those who saw the star fall didn't understand its meaning, nor that of the darkness that suddenly surrounded their world. There was however one creature that was different. They were small and meek, living close to the ground and with no special abilities to match any of the other beings on the planet, except for one, long pointed ears that gave them exceptional hearing. For you see, ever since the star had fallen the creature had heard its crying far in the distance. The creature knew that to stop the gloom they would have to find the source of the crying, and so they went on the long journey to find the star. The creature had to face many challenges, from dangerous predators to tricky terrain, but eventually after weeks of traveling they reached their destination deep inside a jungle. Hidden beneath the tall trees and overgrown plants lay a newly formed crater and inside it was the little star. The creature was able to comfort the star and clutching it tightly to their chest the creature started climbing the tallest tree in the area, high up to its crown where both of them called out to the sky. Hearing those calls the moon and the sun descended and were overjoyed to be reunited with the star. "You have done us a great service, young one." The sun spoke. "Ask for whatever reward you wish, and we shall grant it." Said the moon. The creature thought long and hard about what they wanted before voicing their wish. "I am but a humble creature, there's nothing much to me. But I've admired many of the other beings of this planet and would wish to be more like them." "Speak your terms then." Said the sun. "I wish to be tall, so that I may easier reach the fruits of trees, and see what lies further ahead of me." "It is done." Spoke the moon. "What else?" "I wish I could change my coat and always match it to how I feel. I love the colors of the flowers and the other beasts' intricate patterns, but mine were always so dull, you see." "It is done." The sun said. "With this blessing you have not just been granted a single pelt, but also the knowledge to craft many more from all kinds of materials and colors, so you may always change it as you please. Anything else?" "Yes, one last wish, I've always envied the songs of the birds. I wish to be able to make the music they do, and mimic sounds as easily." "It is done." Said the moon once more. "But still you are not the strongest, don't you wish any natural weapons to defend yourself or fight for territory?" "No." Said the creature. "I only wish for peace, and I've already asked enough." "As you wish." Spoke both sun and moon in unison. "Your wishes are granted." The little creature was then enveloped in a blinding light, their form reshaping as they grew bigger and longer, eventually standing on two legs, a giant compared to their original form. All over their body appeared soft cloths, draping them in dashing colors that could rival the jungle's birds and flora. And within their minds they knew of songs and sounds they never heard before, and ways to make even more. The creature stood there now, unrecognizable as what they once were, for they were something entirely different now, except for one tiny detail, the sharp pointed ears that led them on this journey. The sun then spoke up again. "Dear creature, may we know your name?" And the creature responded. "I am human." Build Your Own Human Avatar Here
  22. Howdy. I've been busy the last few days, but I think I can squeeze out a little time today to take a look around. Let's see what's changed by looking at the News. Okay. Let's take a look around elsewhere. Good work. It seems like things are starting to come together.
  23. Paid - Avatar Artist

    @Bingo did some work for me a while ago, she's amazing to work with ❤️
  24. frameworks? where to get started?

    The two "big" pet game specific frameworks are Pet Game Framework for $300 and Mysidia Adoptables for Free. Personally I tried both and believe they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. I think the question of "where to start" is not one we can answer. You must ask yourself; what do you want to do? A good exercise is one that I've read from a business book. I don't remember the name, however. Anyway, the exercise; Grab a Sheet of Paper and make three columns; What You Know How to Do What You Don't Know How to Do, But Are Interested In Learning What You Don't Want to Do People who run Pet Games and Online Sims wear a number of hats. What I'm mentioning in Spoilers isn't all of the hats, but the usual suspects for a game that is available for free and does not seek to earn money (yet). Since you're just getting started and likely doing this as a hobby I won't include any of the positions you usually find in a small business: A small and/or hobby game will likely have people wearing filling in multiple roles. A more robust look of things might be that you have people creating Content (Art, Writing, Designs), people doing Development (Coding, Database Management, Server Maintenance), and people doing Services (Marketing, Social Media, Moderation, Support Tickets). If you decide to turn your game into a business you may have someone doing Accounting and Legal work and whatnot. The general idea is to get a feeling of what you may be comfortable with versus things you may want to get hired help to do. As you get into the meat of creating and managing your game you may find what you are and are not comfortable with doing changing. You may become overwhelmed by all of the development work. You may not have time to draw everything anymore. Or you may feel like leaving support and moderation up to someone else while you're actually working on your game. Opinion/General Advice Time: You're not going to know for sure what you're comfortable with unless you try it. I don't recommend spending a great deal of money off the bat. It's like buying an expensive Gym Membership and never going. If you are absolutely new to managing a game you may want to just buy some hosting and try out some stuff out with Mysidia.
  25. Paid - Avatar Artist

    @Makazu If you are still looking, I have plenty of experience working with avatars and bases! I have a couple examples here in my thread. 😄
  26. I've enjoyed virtual pet sites, adoptables, and sims for as long as I've been active online. However one of the biggest things that eventually leads to me abandoning a website has been a lack of immersive content. I'm planning a long-term project and I have plenty of my own ideas, but I'm just in the planning stages still, so I'd love more ideas. I don't want to say too much this early, but my project is animal based (around one species), in which you play as one of the animals. What would you all love to see included in a game/what boosts the immersiveness of a browser-based experience?
  27. Hello! I'm in search of uh...well a lot of information to be honest haha. I've got an idea I've been solidifying for a pet site, I'm an artist so the art part comes easily to me. However, due to a wrist injury that I've sustained, drawing is kind of impossible right now. So, I figured I could perhaps look into learning coding/programming to get some momentum elsewhere! I consider myself fairly adaptable for absorbing knowledge so I'm up for a challenge! I've built websites before, for myself (mainly my portfolio so its nothing spectacular and tbh I've since switched to wordpress for setting that up for the sake of ease as far as content management goes.) My biggest question is as follows...are there any frameworks out there that are available? Doesn't have to be free. I'm more than willing to pay for such a thing if it exists. My other big question is ...where should I start when it comes to learning what it takes to set up and run a pet site? As far as features goes, I'd consider Flight Rising and Lioden to be my favourite pet sites and providing the most inspiration to me! I apologize for this topic being very broad, I know there's a lot that I have to learn but I'm primarily looking for a good push me in the right direction!
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