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  2. Hi All, I'm hoping to find someone interested in creating a canine showing/breeding sim that would be willing to do work as a "partner" in the venture or that is willing to work with me on billing/payments. I've been playing one particular canine sim game since 2009 - unfortunately, the game owner has basically abandoned the game and no updates other than bandaids here and there to keep the game running have been done in probably 6-7 years.(or longer) Myself and a fairly decent sized group of other players are still sticking around because everything else about the game is pretty awesome. Unfortunately with no updates and the current bugs - we lose our long term players and have a horrible time keeping new players. I'm pretty confident I can help with database files and we have a few players that can probably help with graphics/art work - and I know if I can get a game plan together there will be folks willing to help finance the project. We're looking for a game based on the American Kennel Club dog breeds with conformation and performance events. Many of our players have shown or actively show and what's most important is the realistic show / judging system. To my knowledge - there is one canine sim based on the Canadian kennel club and that sim also offers performance titles - but it has no breed pictures and hasn't had any major updates since it was first released. Then there are a couple of canine sims that are "cutesy/cartoonish" - they're not bad - but just not what our older player base is looking for. (You have to equip things to the dogs to boost traits, etc) Then the most recent canine sim I found is based on the UK Kennel club and it also allows you to create your own breeds. This one is interesting, but with a full page of physical traits and all the hereditary diseases - it's almost too much to deal with. We want a game where we can log in - train the dogs, enter shows, check the daily show results and breed the next generation. Anyway - I'm talking with the other players and I've been wishing I could code for years so I've got tons of ideas - we just need someone to help us make it happen.
  3. @LIZ Sure, I'll just drop them below this message.
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  5. @Dinocanid not sure if you are looking for a gig or not
  6. Pereia Art Update Hello everyone! Hope you're all staying healthy during this pandemic. I've finally gone back to my full time job so development has been a little slow but the artists I've been working with have been doing an awesome job so I wanted to give a little art update and show off some of the newest creatures for Pereia. So far we have 20 unique pets and we have 100 unique items! The goal is to have ~ 50 unique pets before we consider opening for an alpha stage so we're close to being halfway there art wise. Sneak Peak Missed the Pereia announcement post? Click here ! Or stay up-to-date with us on our Discord!
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  8. Looking for a programmer knowledgeable in PHP and comfortable doing some modifications to the Mysidia Framework to finish up a trade system I've nearly completed. All I need now is to add a feature when accepting a trade to switch all trades including that pet to closed. Trades in the MySQL database store the pet IDs involved in an array in the database. What needs to happen is that when a trade is accepted, all trades in the database with the included pet ID(s) need to be switched from "pending" for status to "closed." This is a heavily modified version of the framework, and the code in question is in one function, in one file, connected with one MySQL table. What needs to happen: When accepting a trade: -Get Pet IDs for both sides (done) -Find where/if involved Pet IDs are found in other trades -Switch trade status to Closed wherever the involved Pet IDs are found I will absolutely pay any programmer able to do this fairly. Please post here or message me here if you're interested in the job. It should be fairly quick and straightforward.
  9. I'll send a message to you on Discord! My contact is Tanya#9358
  10. Hello everyone! I am searching for additional artists for www.celestialequine.com. This position will be for our site-based orders (player driven orders will still be filled by our original artist), but could potentially lead to more opportunity! About Celestial Equine Celestial Equine is a fantasy breeding game with an emphasis on horses. All genetics and wearables follow this fantasy concept! Site orders will include wearables following a specific theme, mane/tail combinations, horns, and wings. However, I am happy to adjust orders based on the artists strengths! Example, if you are more comfortable with horns and wearables, we can search elsewhere for an artist to fill mane/tail needs. These genes will be adapted to fit out 10 bases (we can guide you through how to streamline this process to avoid repainting genes). Style Examples: Interested in a test run? Feel free to reach out on Discord! I can be reached at Mae#0107 or through PM here. Rates will be discussed privately!
  11. that is a really good idea Anoua! that is what i will try to do.
  12. I'm not really an artist, but was thinking a fun experiment might be to take the item and draw it multiple times in different styles, maybe like a dozen or so. Would probably help to learn a bit more about style matching and drawing in different styles. Just a thought, but if you do would be cool to see your results. For me purchasing items for my games or projects it really depends on what I need, but having a style that matches one of my projects is pretty important too. So even if the items are things I might be interested in, it also has to fit into the project I would want it for. Which can be kind of hard to do when games can have such different styles in general. So it's really hit or miss. But if you can style match more it would open you up for more commissions in general.
  13. CynicalRaptor did some amazing items for Folk of Lore Just got the preview today and they are beaeutiful! A+
  14. My pleasure, you're a keeper. Look forward to much more of your beautiful art! xx Missy
  15. Thank you so much!! You were an absolute pleasure to work with and I wish you success with your sites!!
  16. This artist is *incredible* I very very highly recommend, you will not be disappointed!!
  17. Cool thank you. Will try that style.
  18. I've personally always been fond of subeta's style, or something similar to https://www.deviantart.com/kirawra/art/VPS-Plants-495487923 Something like the example you posted above (the potted fruit tree) but a bit sharper, I think?
  19. Welcome to Grifflies, a breedable griffin forum & art game! The game is undergoing a critical revamp and is still very much under heavy development. But our Discord updates every week, so feel free to join and read up on the news! Baby grifflie art, pictured above We are looking for artists to help color grifflies for users who breed them, users who age up their grifflies from baby to adult, and for help with adding new markings to the grifflie bases. If you are familiar with PaintTool Sai and are interested in the game, please consider applying! PaintTool Sai is not necessary to edit this file, but it is HIGHLY recommended. You must have access to Discord, the Grifflies forum, and DeviantArt to apply! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me here, or on Discord at Tanya #9358 APPLY ! || Discord || Forum || DA Group
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  21. I messaged you as well. Very interested, lovely work!
  22. Oh boy! This has been a long week. Work has been very busy but I've made sure I have at least an hour or two each day to just work on bits and pieces. A lot of what I've done is code clean up and removing a couple of bugs. Most notably I've added in a daily reward system. Every day you log in you can claim that day's reward. Miss a day and you will unfortunately lose out on that reward. (I even added in a little teaser to see what you missed :P) The above image also shows how I imagine 'loot crates' should work. They are not obtainable by cash, but by in game events and in game currency. These are great ways to boost your chances of finding rarer items/rewards! There's so much still left to do yet the site has already progressed so far! Part of the next phase will be working a lot on game design. Refining reward types, conditions for breeding and lots more text heavy planning. This means development of features will yet again slow down somewhat as the game documentation is revisited and updated.
  23. I need a few fairly simple (I think ) Mods coded in for the Mysidia Pet Site I run. Mine is pretty modded itself, but what I need are a few basic things, like: **First Coding Jobs: 1. Installing a color picker that will work to color in an item - say a marking - and then allow the buyer to purchase that particular colored in version, while leaving the original intact. I need to use color picker for markings and pet bases, and cant seem to work it out. I will pay 20 bucks for this mod to be successfully coded. It shouldn't be too hard at all, I just fail lol. 2. A way to take the layers of images I use to show my full pet (Markings layers + Base layer) and make a flattened image that can be shared and shown, while still keeping the layers separate for the Myadopts page, and breeding, everything else. Basically just a flattened version that can be stored in a field and shown somewhere, that doesn't affect anything else. I will pay 15 bucks for this mod. You *must* be very familiar with the current Mysidia Adoptables framework. I dont have the know how to explain it lol. I can do some in phpMyadmin to add fields and things like that, but nope to intensive. **Second Coding Job: I also run a modded version of the old Rusnak My Adopts script. I'd like a Color picker added to the pet generator I have on there too, 15 Bucks for this one. This may need special TLC because there is some form of it on there, a palette of color. But when the colored marking is applied to the Base of the pet, there is a white halo! Ugh. Do NOT want this white halo around the applied markings. I think thats it for now, thanks for looking, and I look forward to hearing from you Please no advice/warnings on how old/vulnerable these scripts are, I already know
  24. Not sure if you are still looking, but I'll drop you a message!
  25. Throughout the day I will be adding -pet sorting -pet releasing -many new pets
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