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Another work in progress Mysidia site where you adopt creatures from the genus Draco. Live for registration but in very early alpha https://dracoadopts.com/index

About the Game



Welcome to Draco! We're a laid back community of petsite hobbiests just having a fun time throwing our recommendations onto the mysidia script and seeing what comes from it. As the site develops, more of a story will too, but so far you can meet...


821062032_unknown(5).png.ab2e4f385b4b5b757237e2dc45e93bf1.pngSnap Dragon, Frangeretur Draco
Frageretur draco, or the snap dragon, are stout in stature and very playful. They're typically found around meadows, where they hide and sleep among flowers. Docile unless aggravated, snap dragons may carry flowers from their home elsewhere to leave as gifts. Their drool is also akin to honey, sweet and viscous.*


71124961_unknown(6).png.4f85844245af1445663113da13037442.pngSerpent Dragon, Serpens Draco
Legless and adorable, the serpens draco, commonly known as serpent dragons, can be found all over the world. They have glorious wings, and may occasionally adorn them with treasures and trinkets that they find. Sizes vary, as the young are very small, but they can grow to be much larger.*


483477908_unknown(2).png.ca88423fd4f981c68d69f3fb7a8954f9.pngFeathered Dragon, Pennata Draco
A very common species, the pennata draco, or feathered dragon, are known for their vibrant plumage and great stature. It is said that the more stripes on the tail of a feathered dragon can tell whether or not the dragon is in tune with arcane magic. Featherless breeds of feathered dragon exist, though they are less common. Feathered dragons can be found much shorter than average, thus named munchkin dragons.*


...and many more! If you can find them...


Site features include:


-Adopting pets




-Exploration (to be linked to main page)




In progress:



-coding help


Planned site features:




-pet descriptions

-lots more lol



*Pets do not look like this, these are drawn profiles to avoid spoilers of pet images :)


Virtual Pet

In Development





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  2. Throughout the day I will be adding -pet sorting -pet releasing -many new pets
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