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Eqcetera is a horse simulation game that is player-driven in development.

About the Game

Eqcetera is a realistic horse simulation game with a friendly community. Featuring 14 purebreds, 15 recognized crossbreeds, and unlimited crossbreed possibilities, Eqcetera allows you to rise to the top through fierce competition. Expand your estate to hold more horses and other upgrades such as food and water storage, show arenas to host shows, and employees. Breed for specific colors with over 5.5 trillion possibilities for color combinations.

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  2. Some of you may have heard of Eqcetera, and many of you probably haven't. Eqcetera is a growing horse simulation game based in realism. Basic features Realistic horse genetics 5.5 trillion possible color combinations Unique showing system based on number of entries Estate system Boarding centers Crossbreeds What makes us different? There are tons of different horse games out there. We pride ourselves in a friendly community. As soon as you join, there is always someone there to help you learn the ropes. Our community is a mature one, with

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