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Fast Limited Commissions OPEN (personal or game assets)

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Pepper-Head    71

Thank you for your interest in my thread!

Between my dA, Twitter, and here - I am looking to take on about 10-15 slots for commissions to help offset the cost of a car repair. Currently tight on funds with recent and upcoming doctors appts as well, so I'm looking to have these commissions turned around quickly! (If it is a personal valentines day commission, I guarantee it by that date)

What I'm offering:

Currently looking to do cell shaded, toony. May do semirealism.
$25 for 5 items

romanticwings.pngcuddlygrungerplush.pngcompaniondeed.png shortswithbelt-khaki.pngKuspa by Pepper-Head

For personal use - but could tailor this if you needed headshot icons for your game as well.
$15 for 1. Can do linked/interacting avatars for valentines day or friends too!

DVmNvslV4AAovo1.jpgKjelle by Pepper-Head

Perfect if you wanted to get more art of a personal character or NPC. I may be able to tighten the sketch and style match for NPCs, just ask.
Minimum $15. Double character min $25.


Thank you for looking!

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LV 2
Pepper-Head    71

Bumping this up!

Just got back from the dealership and they tacked on another couple hundred dollars :/

If your commission is valentines day related, I can still guarantee it by tomorrow!

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