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Game Directory updates, new Marketplace, and much more!

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It is now 2018, and with that means new and new exciting goals for TGL to achieve! It is hard to believe we are quickly moving towards our 1 year anniversary, hard to believe right?!?

We kicked off hard this year, and have a lot planned over the course of this year! Here is just the tip of the iceberg to get the year started.

Game Directory

  • With our Featured Game of the Month feature, we will be bringing a fresh game every month and showcasing it! If you are interested in having your game featured, get in touch with @DerpWolfie, who is scheduling and setting up the featured game interviews. We will want to get an interview from a member on the game's team as part of the Feature.
  • In Development is no longer a thing on games. The original idea for this field was always vague, and it hasn't proven to provide much value.
  • I know some of you have noticed new categories, if you have not, we now have more choices to categorize your games, including Adoptables, RPGs. This widens our directory to more games that may not fit into a Virtual Pet or Pet Sim category.
  • We are hard at work at even more updates to the Game Directory, so stay tuned!

Marketplace Revamp

  • We will be launching a new Marketplace towards the end of the month. This is exciting as we strongly feel it will allow buyers and sellers to buy and sell in a much easier and streamlined way. It also empowers TGL to advertise/market artists works for sell in a much more productive way.
  • We have our Pilot sellers working now on populating the Marketplace. We expect the marketplace to be open for more sellers in early February. This is exciting for our Artists and Programmers, and we expect a lot of interest in it.
  • This revamp will consist of changes over the year, this is the initial step to get it up and going, with refinements and improvements moving forward.

Help Center

  • We are working on populating a great help center to help our members learn how to use this wonderful site.
  • It will launch around the same time as the Marketplace.
  • Content will continue to be added over time.

As always, comments and feedback are always welcome! We still have a lot more planned throughout the year, including more competitions, more editorial content, and more great features for everyone.

@Artist @Game Owner @Members @Programmer @Writer

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I am so much excited for upcoming updates and as always this update is amazing & featured game feature will help small game in getting started up :blush:

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I'm curious about this new marketplace :D

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