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Just a question that ive been wondering recently as im teaching myself Front End Web Design. 

For pet sites / web and text based online rpgs, it seems they are predominantly coded in PHP.

Do you code it solely in PHP (ignoring the DB element) or do you incorporate frameworks? 

Edit : Found a few of you use/d Laravel; so, do you find following a framework either or does it have its own set of problems? 

Thank you! 

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Pet games can be written in any language ie CryptoKitties is written using block chain, haha. I think most people use PHP because it's easy to learn and has weak data types and syntax structure like Javascript so there's a lot less ramping up than a strongly typed and highly opinionated and strongly formatted languages. If you're new to programming PHP is also popular with creating websites in general.

However, it's not the most current and trendy language anymore. The latest craze is Javascript and JS frameworks like Angular, React and Vue. You can also use HTML5 and their new canvas. Most people are then running a NodeJS backend.

As far as do you need a framework and which one should you use, that's an entirely personal question. It really depends on what you're trying to make and if a framework is a good fit for that, and why or why not. I would recommend if you think you need a framework that you research all the ones you're interested in and then make a pros and cons list for each one with respect for what you're trying to make. What might work well for one pet game may not work as well for another.



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One plus side to PHP as the language of choice is that is an easily accessible language, both in how it written (weak typing as @Design1online mentioned), and it's availability with most hosting providers.

Laravel is a well documented and relatively easy to get started framework written in PHP. It generally can be learned quickly to a great result, and it's community is strong. With resources such as Laracasts (tutorials and guides in video format), it just allows you to grasp it quicker.

What you use is a personal decision. That being said, every language/framework as it's usefulness and things it does well. Some make real time communication easier (Node for instance is great at this), while others are a lot easier for web. Your choice should be tempered by the language/framework community, learning resources, and availability in hosting when starting out.

For beginners who are getting started, PHP has an insane amount of learning resources available to get started, and is one of the most available languages in terms of hosting. Not so say other language don't have great ecosystems around them, but PHP's is one of the larger/popular ones.

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